End-to-End transport and storage of CO2

Normod Carbon is developing a sustainable and cost-efficient solution for CO2 collection, transportation, and storage. The infrastructure we are building will enable emitters in Northern Europe to safely store their captured CO2.

A company built on a long history of large project development and strong partnerships.

Our mission
Our mission is to help achieve zero emissions by 2050.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has been identified as a crucial element in achieving zero emissions, and our long experience in the oil and gas industry could assist in accelerating the commercialization of CCS.

We are building an infrastructure that enables emitters to dispose of their captured CO2 in a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective manner.
How we plan to reach our goals
Starting in Northern Europe, we are collecting CO2 from emitters at ports along an optimized sailing route. This route goes to our intermediate storage hubs or directly to one of our storage sites.

Our organisation is committed to forming strong partnerships that support us in providing emitters with sustainable and long-lasting storage solutions.
Status on this journey
Normod Carbon has been working on solving the CTS challenge since 2019, and we are determined to see it through to the end. Our goal is to successfully store CO2 by 2026/27, and we are continually working towards achieving that goal.

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs and project partners who possess extensive experience, a proven track record, and specialized skills in geology, reservoir evaluation and design, shipping, naval architecture, drilling, renewable energy, offshore wind, project development, and project financing.

Together, the Normod Carbon team and its project partners have the collective expertise and experience necessary to cover all aspects of our CTS value chain.

A Normod company

Normod Carbon was founded by Normod in 2019. Normod is a company that provides tailored concepts and solutions for CTS, offshore accommodation, drilling, and offshore wind. Since 1986, Normod has been delivering state-of-the-art solutions to its customers, with a focus on enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and safety.

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