Transforming CO2 Challenges into Sustainable Opportunities

Providing seamless, low-risk end-to-end carbon transport and storage solutions that handle the growing demand from industrial emitters in Northern Europe.

With our goal to expand our storage capacity to 20 million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2030, we are not just planning for a sustainable future — we are building it.

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What we do

Our end-to-end carbon transport and storage (CTS) solution begins with the collection of CO2 from emitters in Northern Europe.


We collect CO2 at ports along a sailing route optimized for various cargo volumes, seasonal variations, and scalability.

We offer assistance with domestic infrastructure, helping route CO2 to a suitable pick-up location.


Our designated shuttle carriers and feeders collect the CO2 and transport it to our terminals located in Denmark, Germany, and Sweden, or directly to the offshore storage site.


In cases where draft or sailing restrictions apply, we have smaller feeders for handling CO2 collection.

Our CO2 hubs are primarily for intermediate storage before transportation to dedicated offshore or onshore storage reservoirs. The typical hub design is either an onshore tank storage solution or a vessel/barge located at the quayside or jetty.


Capacity will vary between hubs and are operated by an independent terminal operator. We allow open access (3rd party) to our CO2 hubs.

We have designed CO2 shuttle carriers and feeders to collect and transport CO2 to our storage sites.


The vessels are designed for transporting liquefied CO2 at low pressure, with minimal environmental impact using the latest green solutions.

The shuttle tankers are designed with a capacity ranging from 20 000 m3 to 24 000 m3, and feeders ranging up to 12 000 m3. 


For clients located in close proximity to onshore sites, Normod Carbon can provide truck and train transport if domestic infrastructure is not ready or possible. 

Normod Carbon offers safe and secure offshore and onshore storage of CO2.


Our offshore storage is based on saline aquifers, and we are in the process of securing offshore storage licenses in the North Sea.


For onshore storage, we have partnering licenses in Denmark and access to open-access licenses.

Offshore, the continuous injection of CO2 into reservoirs is handled by a permanently moored Floating Storage and Injection Unit (FSIU).

Our strategy for storage is to provide emitters with an end-to-end solution to minimize risk, facilitated by multiple storage alternatives, both offshore and onshore, as well as a streamlined transport and logistics route.


Collecting CO2 from multiple emitters along our logistics route ensures economies of scale and therefore competitive prices.


Our market

Our main market is emitters in Northern Europe, where the CCS market has substantial potential to contribute to reaching the 2050 emissions goal.


For industrial emitters

We offer emitters a certificate of safe and permanent storage of CO2. If you plan to capture CO2 in Northern Europe, please get in touch.


Normod Carbon is an innovative development company that specializes in carbon transport and storage. By collaborating with the best in the industry, we gain quick access to industry leaders and can scale up rapidly as needed.
Reservoir Data and Analysis
Since the beginning, we have had a strong collaboration with top reservoir data and analysis companies. These partners play a vital role in identifying the most suitable reservoirs for both onshore and offshore carbon capture and storage.
Drilling and Maritime
Our team has extensive experience in drilling and shipping, including drilling rig development and management. We have delivered large onshore and offshore projects with partners who are also collaborating with us in this venture.
We recognize the significance of having strong partners during the operational phase. Be it operating shipping vessels or managing CO2 injection and reservoirs, having trustworthy partners is crucial for success. That's why we have collaborated with top-notch ship designers, builders, and experienced maritime operators.
We are expanding our network of partners and alliance members. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to partner with us.

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